Doula + Birth Photography

Suzanne was the magic that made my first birthing experience one that I will cherish forever.  She provided me information to form the perfect team for my birth including hospital, doctor and their team. Before birth Suzanne gave a ton of information about how to be prepared and things to communicate to this team about my choices. Being prepared with choices is one thing and exercising those choices is completely different thing. Suzanne was there end to end.” — Ashwini


Doula + Birth Photography

Suzanne was the magic that made my first birthing experience one that I will cherish forever.  She provided me information to form the perfect team for my birth including hospital, doctor and their team. Before birth Suzanne gave a ton of information about how to be prepared and things to communicate to this team about my choices. Being prepared with choices is one thing and exercising those choices is completely different thing. Suzanne was there end to end.” — Ashwini

How to Get the Best of Both Worlds...

I would love to support you in every way I can during your birth, from helping you have an amazing experience to documenting the birth with photography.

Birth photography is intimate. At your prenatal, we will personalize that documentation to your wants and wishes. Everyone wants different types of pictures and as your doula, I will find out just what it is you would like.

In labor, you are in your own world, as you should be. You and your partner can work together while I capture the moments in photographs. I have heard many times from clients that they didn’t remember me taking photos or the moments that I captured. Later you will be able to go back and see what was happening around you while you were focused on bringing your baby into the world.

You will get to see the moments that your partner and care team were supporting you, the first look at your baby, your partner's first expressions when becoming a parent, and the moments right after birth including feeding your baby for the first time.

A mom is in a birthing tub delivering her newborn in a squat in a water birth tub. Her midwife is catching the baby who is facing up. Dad is holding mom on the back from his knees.
A family is lying on a bed in a birth center. Dad is leaning over mom looking at his baby. Mom is crying and holding her just born baby.Baby is on moms chest and crying covered in a blanket

When you hire me to be your doula, birth photography is included. However, doula support takes priority. Sometimes, such as in an intense or complicated birth, I may be required to be a lot more hands-on. I will not pick up my camera to stop caring for you. For this reason, if birth photography and doula services are equally important to you, I encourage you to hire someone for each. However, I can be your doula and document your journey.

During the birth, I will document with photos in between activity changes, resting, medical checks, etc. I will pay attention to you and your partner’s cues while encouraging you verbally and guiding your support team. If I feel you need me to be hands-on, or if you ask, I will set down my camera and prioritize your needs.

After the birth, I will continue documenting through the next couple of hours, stepping out of the room if you’d like private time to bond.

Note: Birth photography is an intimate moment and it is important to me to respect your privacy. You will never see your photos shared without permission (and you are never required to share them).

You’ll receive a private link to upload your edited photos within 4 weeks of your birth.

You can also hire me for maternity and in-home postpartum/newborn photo sessions.



Essential Birth Support Package

  • $2400
  • Meet & Greet via Zoom or Phone Call before hire
  • On Call support from time of hire until birth
  • Text/phone support that never ends
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Prenatal Planning Educational Session in person
  • Zoom check-ins for continued support
  • Exclusive Birth Plan & Postpartum Workbooks
  • Feeding Support before & after birth
  • Continuous Birth Support from the time you notify us through approximately 2 hours after birth (no limit)
  • Professional Birth Photography: Documentary style photographs of your birth edited and uploaded to an easy to access online gallery. Approx 50-150 Photographs (privacy respected)
  • Postpartum follow-up visit in your home
  • *Travel fee may apply

Picture Perfect Deluxe Package

  • Additional $600
  • Everything in the Birth Package plus:
  • Maternity photography at 32-34 weeks plus additional 45 minute preparation visit
  • Lifestyle at Home Photography in the first 2 weeks after birth
  • Add On $1200 - First Year Milestone Sessions (3, 6, 9, and 12 months)
  • Add On $300 - Milk Bath Maternity or Postpartum, Fruit bath Milestone Sessions
  • ($200 Savings)

Please note:
Sales tax NOT included in prices.
Travel costs may apply.
All sessions include all edited photos from your session. Additional time may be added on. Includes at least 20 photos to choose from (usually many more, but cooperation and weather play a part).


"Suzanne, thank you so much for making our birth process an absolutely incredible one. And thank you for the photos that we will cherish forever. The fact that Suzanne can both guide you through labor and take photos during the key moments is icing on the cake. If you're on the fence about getting photos, just do it. You won't regret it. And if you're lucky enough to have Suzanne by your side, congratulations on hiring the simultaneously kindest and fiercest guardian you can have by your side."

- Claudia Vazquez

"My birth experience was anything but what I expected. When my water broke suddenly in the middle of the night, we contacted our doulas and Suzanne was in my home within minutes. She gave my husband the tools to help me as we drove to the hospital, as I was almost sure I wasn’t going to make it. When we arrived I was already 9cm dilated and Suzanne helped me to feel in control when things were happening faster than I could keep up. She supported me in helping me to listen to my body and my instincts, as well as guiding the whole process. She also took the most amazing photos, capturing incredible moments I would have otherwise missed in the chaos of it all!"

- Julie Hastings

"Suzanne is a wealth of knowledge regarding pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the Seattle birthing community. She is always just a text away and very responsive. Regarding my birth, she took over 500 photos that I absolutely love and will always cherish! I can’t wait to share them with my daughter as she grows up. Looking back, Suzanne took initiative throughout my birth - ensuring the tub was a good temperature, providing my toddler with a stool so he could see into the tub, reminding me to hydrate, setting up a fan, and I’m sure many more things that I didn’t notice while in labor land. She came back to visit after baby was here and helped me process my birth, which I find to be so valuable even with a birth that turned out how I wanted it to! She also works with an amazing team, and I was 100% comfortable if her backup, Cari, would have needed to attend my birth. As a bonus, they have built a community of moms with Facebook groups and events (my family had so much fun at their Christmas party with Santa!). Highly recommend working with Suzanne and her team!"

- Rachel Drake

It's hard to put into words what Suzanne's support meant to us. I am a fellow doula in the Seattle area, and had thought long and hard about what I wanted for my birth. You could say I had high standards for what I was looking for in a doula 🙂 Suzanne is amazing. She was available for any questions we had our entire pregnancy, and catered our prenatal appointments to what we were most interested in. She knows everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - about birth and postpartum. I labored for 27 hours, and during all of that time Suzanne was there, encouraging me and giving my husband comfort measures to help me achieve my unmedicated birth. There was a moment where my labor stalled at 8 cm, and Suzanne had me get into all sorts of positions to help baby rotate. I was very close to transferring to the hospital for an epidural and feel confident I would have, if I didn't have Suzanne and her Spinning Babies moves to help jumpstart my labor. She knew exactly what to say to keep me going and not lose hope, and I walked away from the experience feeling like a total badass. Plus, the professional photos she took of us will be treasured forever. My husband and I can't recommend Suzanne enough, and we wouldn't dream of giving birth without her!

- Leigh McBride

"I'm so grateful to Suzanne and the rest of the Dedicated Doula Team for their support. I am a first time mom and also new to doula care. I can say wholeheartedly that my partner and I would have been lost without Suzanne's support in our birth. She came to our home to support through early and early-active labor and stayed with us in the hospital until several hours after the birth. Not only that, but she was available with her partner, Cari, for prenatal and postpartum support without question or judgement about our anxieties or newness to parenthood. She also took incredibly special birth and newborn photos, and when I struggled postpartum, came to help with breastfeeding, shift sleeping at night, and the emotional transition postpartum. Additionally, the Dedicated Doula Team provides a platform to meet other families for support through their Facebook group and summer picnics, etc.

I highly recommend Suzanne as a doula. She's been an amazing support, comfort, expert, educator, advocate, photographer, coach, and cheerleader."

- Kaitlyn

"Hiring Suzanne to be our doula was one of the best decisions and investments we’ve ever made. She provided 24/7 support before, during, and after delivery. A few weeks before my due date, Suzanne and Cari came over to go over all things birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum. They spent hours preparing my husband and I for the birth of our first baby, which helped us put together a birth plan and feel less anxious about everything. Suzanne checked in with me frequently leading up to the birth and gave me reminders on prepping my body. I was induced, and the intensity of my contractions increased quickly. Suzanne showed up right away and went into action to make me as comfortable as possible, and provided invaluable support to both of us during the entire labor. She gave my husband and I space when we needed it, chatted with me to take my mind off the pain, repositioned me regularly, whispered much needed encouragement when I pushed, worked seamlessly with the nursing team, and somehow also managed to take beautiful photos of it all. Suzanne supported all of our decisions and tried her best to make sure everything went as close to our birth plan as possible (obviously what actually happens is out of anyone’s control). After going through some trauma during and after the birth, Suzanne offered her support and checked in on us regularly. She truly cares about her clients and she’s basically like family now. I’m so grateful to have Suzanne in our lives and could not recommend her more for your birth journey."


"My induction ended up takin 3 days and Suzanne's presence in the room was at once a comfort, a source of support, and an invaluable resource. She helped me navigate the various options I had at my disposal and directions my labor could progress, and always helped remind me of my agency and the core of my wishes for my birth. Her coaching helped me encourage labor and manage my pain, and if it wasn't for other issues, I'm confident I would have delivered vaginally on nitrous alone with her support. As difficult as things got, my husband and I could always just turn to Suzanne and feel secure that we weren't alone and that we were making the right decisions at the right time. Suzanne was also discreet in her photography, taking photos at just the right times, and although I didn't initially care much about having photos, they're really wonderful to look through and were expertly done. Pre and postpartum, Suzanne connected me with numerous fantastic resources, including professionals who would help me through my breastfeeding challenges and have a safe and easy bris, or ritual circumcision, for my son. Even now as I recover and learn to care for my baby, I know I can turn to Suzanne for a guiding light or a helping hand, and that makes everything a little easier to navigate. Working with Suzanne was the single best decision I've made for my pregnancy and I can't wait to work with her again!"

- Margarita

"As a first time mom I didn’t know what labor was going to be like. Sure, I had taken some virtual classes and read other peoples' birth stories but I didn’t really know how things would be in the heat of the moment especially without medication. The one word I have to describe my experience with Suzanne is grateful. I am so truly grateful that she was with me when I was delivering my baby girl. My wish was to go to the hospital as late as possible to minimize interventions. It seem like a good compromise between a home birth and a hospital birth. And Suzanne helped me to do exactly that. She was responsive when I started getting contractions at 2:30 am, came to my house and helped me get through them with different positions and massages. She also supported me immensely during the hospital portion. Advocating for me and making sure I got the best care possible. On top of all of this, she captured such beautiful photos of the birth that I couldn't believe it. They made for great memories, allowing me to put together missing pieces to make up the whole story.

I sincerely recommend working with Suzanne for anyone searching for support before, during and after labor."

- Deniz

"Where do I even begin? I can't preach enough amazing things about Suzanne and her team. I was fully expecting to hire Suzanne as a birth photographer rather than a doula. Boy did my mind completely change when I was in labor! I was incredibly grateful for Suzanne, her knowledge, her readiness, her communication, the way she respected my boundaries, the way she comforted me and didn't leave out my significant other even with her helping so much. She was a perfect balance of everything I needed and wanted before, during and after having our son. She made the entire process feel like a breeze. I can't thank her enough with the beautiful pictures she captured delivering our son. I was a little hesitant at first having pictures so up close and personal but she makes the pictures look elegant and beautiful. Suzanne didn't feel like someone I hired but more of a long time family friend I could pour my trust into at such a vulnerable time of my life!"

- Kiairah Richter

Doula & Photography Service Areas:

Serving the greater Puget Sound area in western Washington including Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Covington, Maple Valley, Auburn, Tacoma, Issaquah, Renton, Sammamish, North Bend, Enumclaw, Black Diamond, Queen Anne, Edmonds, Shoreline, and Kirkland.