Why hire a Doula?

“She walked us through what to expect and talked through different options at various stages along with pros and cons. She was never judgemental in her approach, and listened to what I wanted. She was also a great support for my husband, checking in with him and ensuring he felt empowered and informed as well. “- Alyson D

What does evidence say that hiring a doula provides?

  • Continuous, unbiased labor support for the birthing parent and their partner.
  • Increased chance of vaginal birth.
  • Decreased risk of cesarean or instrument assisted birth.
  • Increased success of VBAC.
  • Reduced usage of epidural and other pain medication when desired.
  • Less time using pain medication when desired.
  • Shorter active labor.
  • Higher APGAR scores.
  • Increased satisfaction of birth outcome.
  • Reduced anxiety during pregnancy and labor.
  • Reduced pain scores during labor.
  • Increased success with breast/chest feeding baby.
  • Experience and knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Knowing you have options/choices even when you are made to feel as if you don’t, and what those are.
  • Evidenced-Based information to help you make those decisions.

Here are some of the things I provide for you, as my client…

  • Confident and experienced doula team, always on call, well rested, and available to you.
  • One to two in-person prenatal visits to get to know each other and discuss your birth desires, concerns, and plans. (more if you need it)
  • 24/7 on-call doula support for your birth beginning at hire and continuing through postpartum. This can be for support, reassurance, or just needing some guidance or a listening ear.
  • Private Facebook support group with other clients for advice, connections, and additional support.
  • Non judgmental, evidence- based education on interventions.
  • General birth education and preparation.
  • Birth planning – includes assistance with a birth plan if desired.
  • Discussing previous births and working through any remaining trauma or concerns.
  • Utilize Spinning Babies, Miles Circuit, and other techniques for optimal positioning of baby.
  • Give nutrition guidance and resources.
  • Suggestions to help ease discomfort and for a more effective labor.
  • Physical support during labor to help with positions, comfort, and pain relief.
  • Constant support for both the birthing person and their partner before, during and after labor.
  • Assisting you in creating your most ideal birth space with music, candles, lighting, sound, and more..and then protecting this during the birthing process.
  • Being there to assist you when discussing your preferences during birth with your birthing team.
  • Documenting your birth journey with professional, edited photography.
  • An experienced, solid back up support team that you can meet via zoom so that you have confidence.
  • Support after birth for up to two hours to help with feeding, bonding and getting settled.
  • One to two postpartum visits within two weeks of birth to make sure feeding and bonding are going well, to discuss your birth, and to answer any questions or provide resources.
  • Unlimited breast/chest feeding support and resources.
  • Continued availability for support in the future if you need it.

How does the whole process look? I’m glad you asked!