I never had hired a photographer in the past so I didn’t know what to expect, but she by far exceeded my expectations. Also loved how my photos turned out can’t wait to make a baby book soon

Once I started getting contractions, I gave her a call and she quickly came right over. She also took lots of beautiful pictures of the experience. She stayed with me the whole day. I think I labored for like 8 hours. Suzanne is such a wonderfu person and I am so grateful to have had her help me the day I gave birth to my 5th child. I will have to have her come back to help me for my 6th child’s birth as well.

I was not planning on having a birth photographer, so much so that at the recommendation of my mother in law I contacted her the day before I went into labor. We had planned to meet the next day at noon to discuss everything, with the caveat that I might go into labor before then. Sure enough I met Suzanne for the first time while in labor at the birth center at 1 AM. She is everything you’d want in a birth photographer because she is talented, professional, not intrusive & kind. You will not regret having her there with you and forever capturing those moments.

At first I wasn’t sure about having (a doula) someone else in the room to go through the induction process with us. I suppose I was nervous or feared being judged for the decisions we’d make. All my fears were basically instantly eraticated once we met, and got to talking about the process, and how we wanted to go about it. Suzanne was tentative, supportive and very knowledgeable about each and every step of the process. She was also very helpful when things got hectic and I had no idea what to do. If I were to have another kid, I would definitely call Suzanne to be my doula again. Thank you so much for everything!

After arriving at the hospital my wife asked me to send a text message to Suzanne to let her know that she was going into labor. The reception there was really bad so I didn’t get any of her replies asking if we wanted her to come in; this was around midnight. She came in just to make sure we didn’t need anything, I’m glad she did. Her help and company was great and not only did she contribute to our best delivery experience by far, but the pictures she took were fantastic.

I had no idea how much help a doula could be until Suzanne offered her services.

There were so many pieces of information and emotional support that Suzanne provided that it’s difficult to name all the things she did to help. The biggest part for me was having someone I could trust and rely on to be available if I needed it…she did just that and more.

My first two pregnancies had deliveries that resulted in c-section (full sedation) and episiotomy (3rd degree tear),  respectively. I didn’t have a doula with either of those pregnancies and was hopeful maybe a doula could help make a difference. This delivery I was very phobic of being cut on again since the first two experiences weren’t what I felt should’ve happened (I had bonding issues with my first and an extremely long and painful recovery for my second). With my third pregnancy I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so was not feeling too optimistic about having a positive birthing experience. I’m happy to say that with the advice Suzanne provided I had a successful VBAC without episiotomy and no 3rd degree tear.

I highly recommend her whether you’re a first time mom or experienced mother.