Considering a Home Birth during Covid?

Covid has definitely brought Home Births back into light. Having a baby at home is not for everyone. There are risk factors that have to be considered (my babies needed to be born in the hospital). However, when those risk factors aren’t present, home birth can be an amazing option.

Parents who desire a hands off, listen to your body, I can do this approach should definitely consider a home birth. Often when in our home, our bodies relax more, we feel safer, and we are able to maintain a quiet control.

Midwives are trained to monitor the situation, and transfer to hospitals when needed. But they are also trained to recognize that our bodies are pretty amazing and know how to do this thing called birth.

People try to scare you when you mention home birth, but I would ask you to sit and discuss it with a midwife (or two or three) and feel out if the situation might be perfect for you. Bonding, loving, quiet, calm, and control are all things you can have in your birth.

The photos pictured here were with Shannon of . She’s a very hands off, respectful midwife (as are all of the midwives I have worked with.). She listens to what you’re wanting and keeps you safe in the process. Have a conversation and see if it feels right for you during these crazy Covid times. You might be surprised.

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