Doula + Birth Photography

I would love to support you in every way I can during your birth- from helping you have an amazing experience to documenting the birth with photography.

When you hire me for doula AND birth photography, doula services take priority. Sometimes, in an intense or complicated birth for instance, I may be required to be a lot more hands on. I will not pick up my camera and stop caring for you. For this reason, if birth photography and doula services are important to you, I encourage you to hire for both (and can provide recommendations). However, if having a doula who can provide both is what you want, I can be that doula and photographer!

As a Doula and Photographer I will meet with you as I would for just doula services. We will go over all of the support I can provide, the fears or questions you have, and suggestions or resources.

During the birth I will show up as I would for doula services, which is when you want me there (home, hospital, or birth center). As a photographer, I will begin documenting with pictures in between activity changes, resting, medical checks, etc. I will pay attention to you and your partner’s cues and decide if I am needing to be more hands on, or can use the moment to document.

If you have support physically, I will document the birth while encouraging you verbally…however if I feel my Doula services are needed, I will set my camera down and wait until you are snuggling your precious bundle. I will continue documenting through the next couple of hours, giving you some time to bond if desired and stepping out of the room.

If you have questions about how the dual service works, please don’t be afraid to contact me. I welcome the questions!