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What to pack in your birth bag?

I am often asked what to pack in your birth bag. There are a few different scenarios to consider… Birth Center, Hospital, or Hospital Induction. If you have a birth center birth, you are only there for the time of your labor plus approximately 3 hours. You need to talk to birth center and see […]

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Considering a Home Birth during Covid?

Covid has definitely brought Home Births back into light. Having a baby at home is not for everyone. There are risk factors that have to be considered (my babies needed to be born in the hospital). However, when those risk factors aren’t present, home birth can be an amazing option. Parents who desire a hands […]


Why do I DoulaTog?

I started out in this business as a birth photographer. Capturing the moments that a new soul enters this world and the moments that a family grows is absolutely amazing. But I was missing something.  In each of my births, I saw opportunity to be even more present for the families. There were moments the […]

You’re in MY house

I was recently discussing an uncomfortable birthing situation with a doula with longer experience than myself. We were talking about the different feelings in a birth room with the staff present. And while I was frustrated with staff responses, she brought a different perspective to my thinking. You’re in MY house. I don’t walk into […]